The deadly mistake of billing too soon

Are you about to release an app product? Or, are you in the process of developing a mobile app? Here is my advice to you: don’t make the mistake of starting to charge your user base right away. We see many apps launch that ask their users to pay or subscribe right away.  Charging users too soon will often hurt the process of growth, and we don’t recommend it.

One of the many reasons entrepreneurs and business owners gravitate towards charging users right away is that they want to recoup their initial investment. They are often focused on making money quickly instead of providing consumers with the best mobile experience possible.

You will recoup your investment if your product delivers what users want. But first, you must ensure the validation of your app concept with potential users before you fully develop it. After the development of the initial mobile app version has been released, take some time and let users fall in love with your product. Hear what your users are suggesting to you and tweak your product to reflect the needs of these users.

Now when do you make the decision to start charging your users? It depends on your product and user activity. However, once you know for sure that users are using your app frequently and that they are getting the results, it’s a good indication that your product is ready for sale.

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