Video Conference Application

Platform: iOS, Android, Web App, Web Backend


A secure video conference app built on the Jitsi open source platform that allows you to easily build and deploy secure video conferencing solutions within your organization.


  • Share your desktop, presentations, and more
  • Invite users to a conference via a simple, custom URL
  • Edit documents together using Etherpad
  • Pick fun meeting URLs for every meeting
  • Trade messages and emojis while you video conference, with integrated chat.
  • Admin dashboard to create new accounts


Important Feature: 

This platform has been customized to allow owners to add new users via an admin portal. Users are the only once that initiate meetings. Once the meeting ends, invitees cannot contact them back using the same link. They can only participate. This works great for doctors, lawyers, government officials, psychiatrist that want to avoid being contacted at any time.