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Am I Anxious

Am I Anxious

An application for the participants waiting for health services and utilize it to evaluate and enhance their readiness for treatment. The PREP (Preparation and Readiness Enhancement Program) application will attempt to do just that.

The application will first gather information from the participant in order to place them in one of three modules;
pre-contemplation, contemplation, and preparation and action. After providing the participant with psycho-educational materials and therapy exercises, it will re-evaluate their position at 3, 6, 9, 12 and 16-month intervals (and if the participant wishes to do so earlier) to see if their motivation to change has increased.

Along with providing the participants with information, the app will also allow administrators to gather data about the use of the application and generate reports with this information. It will also allow the administrators to add, remove, and edit sections to update the application dynamically.


Mobile App Development


London Health Sciences Centre


Preparation and Readiness Enhancement Program


July 14, 2017


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