Our Process

Over the years, we have developed a process that works for clients and for us. This process will help you understand how your app will be developed, save you time and development cost.

1. Initial Meeting, Ask Lots Questions, Understanding your vision

We discuss the vision you have for your mobile application and gather as much information as possible to understand your long term goals. Breaking down the needs, requirements and expectations of the mobile app and fleshing out the deliverables.

2. Project Scope

We will evaluate the project and determine cost and time frame. Our team will recommend the features necessary to give our client the best possible outcome and return on their investment.

3. Approval

We make sure that our clients are confident in our understanding of their project. We explain our plan for design and development and make sure the clients are comfortable and ready to work with us using a collaborative approach.

4. Wireframe and App Functionality

During this stage, we work on the core functionality of the app and design the outline of the overall screen navigation. The client can see exactly how the app will look, and better understand how core functions and features will be implemented.

5. Design and Development

Design and development will begin immediately after our client’s approval of the wireframe. We use agile methodology during development that focuses on clear sets of milestones, quick deliverables, and continuous iterations. Working builds are released to our client’s devices at the end of each milestone for testing.

6. Testing

Upon completion, we take our apps through multiple rounds of testing. Multiple devices are used to ensure all functions are working properly. Final touches to the app will be made before presenting a final built to our clients.

7. Publishing

Upon client approval, our team will assist in submitting the app to the Apple Store or Google Play.

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